Z-index (FloSports)

Control the z-index of elements with utility classes.

Set the z-index of elements with our z-index utilities. It is generally recommended that these classes be used sparingly in applications as they create new stacking contexts which can lead to difficult situations in complex apps; restructuring html is usually prefered

Apply .z-$value

<div class="z-hover">z-hover</div>
<div class="z-focus">z-focus</div>
<div class="z-active">z-active</div>
<div class="z-dropdown">z-dropdown</div>
<div class="z-sticky">z-sticky</div>
<div class="z-fixed">z-fixed</div>
<div class="z-modal-backdrop">z-modal-backdrop</div>
<div class="z-modal">z-modal</div>
<div class="z-popover">z-popover</div>
<div class="z-tooltip">z-tooltip</div>